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STERELA is an industrial & electronics engineering company that provides innovative solutions and services for Smart Cities, the dynamic weighing of moving vehicles (ITS), road traffic analysis, firing-range training systems, automatic land and marine stations for weather observation networks, robotics and aerospace test equipment.

Since its creation in 1980, STERELA has steadily grown thanks to continuous technological innovation and the creation of value linked to data management (recovery, transmission, storage and exploitation).


Definition of specifications


Design: study, development, CE qualification and climate tests


Industrialisation, document management


Production and logistics


Commissioning, training


After-sales service, technical support, in-service maintenance

STERELA is capable of performing every stage in an engineering process

From the initial idea
to industrialisation and operation

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Sterela has evolved since its creation in 1980 into a continuous process of technological innovation and value creation related to data management (recovery, transmission, storage and exploitation). The trust accorded by our partners and customers for 40 years is testimony to our attentiveness, our commitment to quality (ISO 9001-2015) and our technological know-how.
STERELA is a member of BPI France Excellence, a network of 3000 highgrowth-potential companies chosen by the Public Investment Bank.


Sterela is divided into 4 departments

Road-traffic management equipment: counting, analysis and weigh-in-motion (WIM).

Static and dynamic target holders for light and heavy-weapons shooting training.

Automatic observation and acquisition stations for weather data.

Turnkey solutions for dedicated and generic tests, system qualification, RF, wiring, etc.

We deliver cutting-edge products and solutions



STERELA drives its innovation and competitiveness by investing heavily in R&D, equivalent to more than 12% of its revenue.
Through this programme, STERELA has developed several products that have established it as the leading French company in the market. Our latest innovations include the NEPTUNE weather station (chosen by Météo France and Eumetnet), Weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems and their HTML WEBTRAFFIC operating solution, the AIR COBOT robotics platform and the PCI100 target holder for light-weapons firing-range training.

Staff and functions


Total workforce as of January 1, 2022 was 96 people.​

Sterela is working to implement improvement measures for gender equality.

Gender equality

Companies with at least 50 employees must publish (article D1142-4 of the labor code), before 01/03 of each year, their index in terms of professional equality between women and men, calculated on the basis of four indicators. These indicators are calculated using data from the annual reference period of 12 months preceding the year of advertising.

Publish date: 02/28/2022 | Reference period: 2021
The overall score for the gender equality index obtained by Sterela is 89/100, broken down as follows by indicator:

  • 34/40 pay gap
  • 35/35 individual increase rate spread
  • percentage of wages increased in return for maternity leave 15/15
  • number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest earners 05/10

As a socially responsible company, committed to guaranteeing equal opportunities, STERELA considers that women and men must be present in a balanced way in all functions and at all levels of the organization.

ISO 9001


Our quality service maintains and develops the quality spirit at Sterela and within its collaborators.

Sterela has always been concerned with customer satisfaction. Since 1999, Sterela has been ISO 9001 certified, without interruption. This certification reflects a strong commitment from the management, supported by the work of all the women and men at Sterela.

Our quality department maintains and develops the quality spirit among our collaborators in order to « place the customer at the heart of the business » and to make everyone fully aware of their individual responsibility.

The quality management system implemented by Sterela ensures that our customers take into account their requirements with a view to efficiency, performance and continuous improvement.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Having a positive impact on the environment and society has nowadays become a strategic axis for companies. The company must take into account negative externalities, environmental as well as social. CSR therefore appears to be a real performance lever for companies: it allows companies to undertake without destroying, developing a useful activity for the regions and linking the economy to the environment.

For Sterela, engaging in a CSR approach is essential for its development because it will allow it to differentiate itself from its competitors by adapting the company's projects to the expectations of customers and partners. This will be done over the long term and requires the will of the entire company, employers and employees. To this end, Sterela was followed by BPI France and Green Flex, which developed an action plan with various actions relating to the fields of CSR (issues relating to employees, ethical corporate governance, business and more responsible offers, but also employee engagement and awareness of environmental and social issues).

Sterela has created since January 2020 a CSR steering committee which implements the actions within Sterela, develops the follow-up of the action plan and organizes workshops allowing to bring this process to life within Sterela and raise employee awareness concerning these causes.

Together develop sustainable solutions to make Sterela responsible

Sterela RSE

CSR commitments

"Having a CSR policy at STERELA level is the opportunity to define coherent actions and to implement these actions together through collaborative work that transcends the boundaries of services. The CSR approach should not be perceived or experienced as an additional constraint but on the contrary, as a chance to move forward to build a society ready for the future by bringing together environmental, economic and social considerations."
Christoph Le Flohic

Commitment N°1

To be proactive in the transition to the functional and the circular economies.

Commitment N°2

To optimize the use and pooling of our resources every day with all of our stakeholders.

Commitment N°3

To place people at the heart of success today and tomorrow.

Ecosystem membership

Since January 2020 and as part of its CSR approach, Sterela has been a member of Ecosystem which is an eco-organization that organizes the collection, depollution and recycling of professional electronic and electrical equipment. This membership allows Sterela’s customers to benefit from the treatment of their waste electronic and electrical equipment (D3E). By entrusting your D3E to Ecosystem, which is approved by the public authorities, you are released from all liability in accordance with article R.541-45 of the Environmental Code.

Our infrastructure in France



The site covers a total of 7,500m², with a 1,850m² building housing the administrative services, the design office, the test laboratories, the sales department, the technical assistance services and a production workshop.

5, Impasse Pédenau | 31860


5166m2 with production workshops, shop, control room that are integrated into a comprehensive global infrastructure that also houses all the activity of NOVAL. Another structure of 360m2 with workshops including Defense MOC and repairs service.

ZI Lavigne, 23 Voie Héméra / 4 Voie Héracles | 31190



Our expertise

• Electrical design
• Electronic design
• Mechanical engineering
• Design of autonomous automated systems
• Software development
• Computer and network architecture design


The design of our hardware and software is managed specifically within the framework of technical projects. The fulfilment of explicit contractual requirements, as well as implicit or in-house requirements, is monitored and managed using the V-cycle method. We also routinely use agile methods in our software developments, to provide greater visibility and move forward efficiently in close collaboration with our customers.


As a Designer and Manufacturer, we conduct qualification tests adapted to each new system, in order to validate:

• the robustness of the systems in relation to their type of mission,
• CE conformity.


Our designers specify the requisite level of robustness, based on the relevant industrial or military standards for durability and environmental qualification:

temperature resistance, impermeability to specific (specified) elements, robustness to electrical disturbances, resistance to vibrations, shocks, falls, dynamic durability, etc.


From the initial modelling to commissioning

Industrialisation covers the following activities: Integration engineering, product tree-structure optimisation for manufacturability, optimisation of manufacturing and inspection data sheets, production of documents concerning the products and methods.


All our industrial activity is supported by an integrated ERP system, a genuine asset for cross-functional work.


For the industrialisation aspect, our systems are meticulously referenced item by item, and hierarchical tree-structures enable us to design functional products with optimised manufacturability.


The manufacturing data sheets, work and verification instructions are all specified, codified, organised and updated.



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